It can be a bit hard navigating makeup when you're a darker-skinned beauty, so here're my experiences, reviews, tips, tutorials, etc...Enjoy! xoxox


Face brushes: there are thousands of different brushes out there for use with powder, blushes, bronzers, contouring products and highlighters. Obviously you don’t need all of them but each one will produce different results. All the everyday gal really needs is a good powder brush and blush brush, you CAN just get away with a powder brush but a blush brush is great for a perfect application of blush, bronzer and contouring powder.

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Quick rant about how ladies do their eyebrows nowadays and how to avoid those “glowing eyebrows”. This is how I do my eyebrows and BLEND my concealer!


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Do you have any makeup tips for prom?
makeupforcoloredgirls makeupforcoloredgirls Said:

1. Imagine, I do! It’s going to be a long night, and I’m assuming you’re going to be dancing/sweating/getting your groove on. So you want makeup that’s going to last. Use products that’ll prolong your makeup: 

-Setting Sprays (Urban Decay, Elf, or Victoria’s Secret Prime & Set are all good ones)

-Setting Powder (Ben Nye, Makeup Forever, and Opal all make great, long-lasting powders and are all within different price ranges)

-Priming your Face (Right now, I’m loving Victoria’s Secret Prime & Set for $14. I use it more as a primer than a setting spray. There’s good ole Milk of Magnesia, which you can even buy at the dollar store for a dollar, and most makeup brands -drugstore and high end- make face primers. Even if you’re primer’s not the best, the setting powder/spray should help pick up the slack)

-Prime Your Eyes (my top 3 eye primers are elf, urban decay, and sonia kashuk. But for that ultimate long-lasting, bright pigmentation, I swear by elf’s lock and seal)

-Exfoilate your lips for smoother lipstick/lipgloss/lipstain application. You can do this with a toothbrush or a clean mascara applicator. After you’re done exfoliating, moisturize your lips with vaseline or chapstick/lip balm to create a better base for your makeup. 

2. Regardless of what makeup you’re doing, flawless skin is a must. 

-Exfoliate: Any drugstore or even homemade scrub will do the trick. I’ll be honest and admit that most of the time, I just wash my face with soap and a washcloth and call it a day. 

-Moisturize: Whatever you have on hand will work. I like Jergens non-scented simply because it is lightweight and doesn’t leave my face greasy. It sinks in, my skin feels moisturized, and my pores don’t feel clogged. It’s amazing!

-Keep Foundation/Concealer simple: a lot of people recommend only putting makeup on the areas that need them, and using concealer only on to correct problems foundation doesn’t take care of. I personally prefer a full face of foundation, but unless you have a lot of dark spots/acne/scarring/anything else that you’d want to cover up, I would suggest a light layer of foundation and concealer. Miminal face makeup, so you don’t end up looking cakey/gunky/older than your age. 

-Blush: I love blush! Like, really love blush! However, the intensity of your blush is up to personal preference. To make it more pigmented and longer-lasting, I like to use a cream/liquid base first (Maybelline’s Dream Bouncy Blush or Pixi Sheer Cheek Gel, both of which can be found at your local Target) before going over it with a powder blush).

-Eyebrows: eyebrows have the power to change your life. They frame your face, and can either accentuate your makeup or detract from your features. You don’t have to go all makeup guru and bring your concealer and eyebrow pencil into the mix, but I do highly recommend getting them shaped and cleaned up for prom. Plucking, tweezing, waxing, threading…whatever floats your boat. There are even youtube and internet tutorials if you want to do it at home. However, it’s not that expensive to get it done professionally ($8-$15) and it’s well worth the expense.

*These are my ultimate basic tips for prom makeup. They’re the foundation for whatever look you’ll be doing. If you have any more specific tips concerning eyes, lips, cheeks, etc… lemme know! Otherwise, go get ‘em, tiger! : ) 

Some of my favorite eye looks to date! :)

Some of my favorite eye looks to date! :)

Green Ivy ;)

Green Ivy ;)

I live for dark girls & dark makeup! Tutorial/Product Information coming soon! :)

I live for dark girls & dark makeup! Tutorial/Product Information coming soon! :)


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So, this is happening!! Shea Moisture is expanding into makeup for Black women. I wanna try everything here. 


It’s gonna be at target. 😍



This looks amazing!

Just a heads up to my lovelies with darker complexions. :)